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03.09.2021 Chinese students started their study at the NovSU
13.04.2021 NovSU Scientific Collaboration House
06.04.2021 Russian-Armenian scientific seminar "Hagiography in the Space of Time and Culture"
27.03.2021 Кenovation of the NovSU dormitory
17.03.2021 Russian-German seminar "Organisation of online youth exchanges"
27.02.2021 New joint educational program with Yan'an University
23.01.2021 The new life of the Smetanin's House
23.01.2021 New agreement between NovSU and government of Novgorod region
23.12.2020 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
08.12.2020 Scientists of NovSU shared their experience of “internationalization at home”
03.12.2020 Introducing EdTech products into the education system
26.11.2020 International virtual teams completed the course on cross-cultural business communication
26.10.2020 Participants of the international online course met with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Appalachian State University
16.10.2020 Erasmus Alumni Day 2020 at Novgorod State University
18.09.2020 NovSU students gain real-life experience in international virtual teamwork
14.05.2020 Novgorod State University makes changes and additions to the admission rules
12.05.2020 NovSU continues to work in remote mode
09.05.2020 The family of a NovSU faculty member has been caring for a war grave in the village of Edrovo
07.05.2020 Students of the Starorussky College put in order a war grave near the village of Malenkie Gorbi
30.04.2020 NovSU Emeritus Professor Sidney Picker passed away