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08.12.2008 Official delegation from Technical University of Lodz (Poland) headed by Rector, Professor Stanisław Bielecki visited NovSU on December 4–7.
08.12.2008 Honourable Doctor of Novgorod State University, Head of Department of Pedagogy of University of Hildesheim (Germany), Prof. Olga Graumann visited NovSU on December 4-7.
06.12.2008 Representatives of Association LOGO (Germany) visited NovSU on December 3-5.
05.12.2008 Original result of 40-years fruitful co-operation between the Technical University of Lodz (Poland) and the Novgorod State University became the publication of the book «Lodz - Novgorod: 40 Years of Common History» in the Polish and Russian languages.
28.11.2008 Today the Consul General of Spain in St.-Petersburg visited NovSU.
19.11.2008 Vice Rector for International Relations of NovSU, Prof., Dr Mikhail Pevzner was awarded the rank of the Honorable Doctor of the University of Hildesheim (Germany).
14.11.2008 NovSU delegation visited Gotland University (Visby, Sweden)on November5-10.
15.10.2008 Today an official delegation headed by the Consul General of Estonia in St.-Petersburg, Mrs. Kristen Lahtejn, visited NovSU.
14.10.2008 Congratulations to the winners of the first competitive selection of participants of the international educational program «Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window»!
08.10.2008 Today Mr. Kari Hypponen, Director of Administration of University of Turku, Finland, comes to NovSU with a brief visit.
06.10.2008 Today Dr. Frank Strikker, professor of University of Bielefeld (Germany), came to NovSU
28.09.2008 Today Prof. Olga Graumann, the Honorable Doctor of NovSU, Head of Department of Pedagogy of University of Hildesheim (Germany) came to our university
09.09.2008 Students from University of Hildesheim (Germany) will study at Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy of NovSU
08.09.2008 Today a new Master programme in Pedagogy “Educational Management” was launched at the Institute of Continuous Pedagogical Education of NovSU.
29.08.2008 The 60th anniversary of President NovSU Anatoly Gavrikov
20.06.2008 NovSU within a consortium of 18 European universities won the competition of the international programme Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window.
10.06.2008 Changes in the top management of Novgorod State University.
10.04.2008 Deputy Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Gennady Porovskiy and Head of Informational and Analytical Office Natalia Ilyashenko took part in the meeting within the framework of the Russian-Dutch project «Strategic Management and Quality Assurance in Russian Higher Education»
10.04.2008 Vice Rector for International Relations Mikhail Pevzner and Head of International Relations Department Alexander Shirin carried on negotiations with representatives of Gotland University (Sweden) Stellan Sundh and Elena Varyukhina.
11.02.2008 «Antares Software» company in cooperation with NovSU experts and students designs a new «Veliky Novgorod Mobile Guidebook»