General Information

НовГУFederal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University”(NovSU), established under the resolution of the government of the Russian Federation from June 30, 1993 No. 624, is the largest higher education institution in the Novgorod region, which carries out its activity in accordance with existing legislation and normative acts of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation.



In the system of higher professional education of NovSU now there are eight schools: Humanities, Medical Education, Continuous Pedagogical Education, Polytechnic, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Electronic and Information Systems, Economy and Administration, and Further Education. Judging from the names, all of them have their distinct feature.


The given structure of schools did not appear not at once, but as a natural response to the needs of consumers of educational services of NovSU.

It is quite possible that in due course the profile of some of schools will change and their number will grow. The university offers 42 bachelor's, 17 master's and four specialist's programs.

Thus the distinctive feature of educational process is the use of active methods of teaching which presupposes the students' involvement in the process of neogenesis by computer games, public presentations of term papers and abstracts, and active dialogue between a teacher and a student. As a result, the graduates of NovSU are well prepared for the future professional work in various spheres, they are ready to fill teaching and administrative positions.

NovSU is a uniform multilevel scientific complex. The university provides continuity of educational programs. It unites educational and research processes. Here signal to start is given and introduction to innovative projects is provided.

Yaroslav-the-WiseIt is not occasional that the Novgorod State University has Prince Yaroslav's name. In the year of 1030 Yaroslav the Wise came to Novgorod the Great to teach priests' and seniors' children reading and writing. It is quite a fact that education was of vital importance in the Novgorod system of spiritual values in the 11th century. Existence of schools in medieval Novgorod can be traced in birch bark letters, chronicles, hagiographies. As the time was passing by, not only schools but theological seminaries, gymnasiums, libraries were established. That is why Academician Yanin, the famous investigator of the ancient Novgorod called it "the cradle of the Russian education". Thus, the Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University became successor of the oldest educational tradition.

Yaroslav-the-Wise's personal seal

On the eve of the University's first anniversary Prince Yaroslav-the-Wise's personal seal was discovered during archaeological excavations. Academician Yanin considered it a remarkable coincidence and suggested awarding the University the name of the Russian prince. The official consent was received without delay.