08.03.2013  Visit of Representatives of the Brockport College

(From left to right: prof. Barbara LeSavoy, Ann Pearlman and Elena Lukovitskaya)

On 4-7 March 2013, representatives of Brockport College (State University of New York, U.S.A.) - prof. Barbara LeSavoy, the Director of the Centre for Women and Gender Studies, and Ann Pearlman, the Instructional Design Specialist- visited NovSU.

Meeting with Natalia Shaydorova (in the middle) and staff of NovSU Office of International Affairs

The goal of the visit – acquaintance with the University, meetings with Natalia Shaydorova, the head of NovSU Office of International Affairs, and staff of the Office, students and faculty members of the Faculty of Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication at Institute of Humanities and NovSU Institute of Continuous Pedagogical Education.

For two years, the US scholars in cooperation with Elena Lukovitskaya, the Associate Professor of NovSU Sociology and Bilingual Education, are working on creation of joint online courses on Gender for NovSU and Brockport College students.