27.02.2013  NovSU scholars took part in the Second Russian Economic Congress

the Second Russian Economic CongressThe goal of the Second Russian Economic Congress held on December 18-22, 2013 in Suzdal (Vladimir Region) was to point the most urgent problems in Theory of Economics and elaborate the effective economic policy for Russia.

The co-chairs of the committee were Alexander Nekipelov, the Vice-President of Russian Academy of Science, Director of the Lomonosov Moscow State University School of Economics, and Nikolai Vinogradov, the Governer of Vladimir region.

Prof. Natalia OmarovaThe forum brought together representatives of all Russian economic schools and points of views. 1524 applications for participation were received, ​​956 reports were accepted, including 140 from young scientists from all over Russia. Representatives of business, government, academic and university science took part in the Congress. They discussed issues of new models for economic policy, general economic equilibrium, computer modeling of socio-economic processes, human capital assets and social policy, economic integration, and Russia in the global economy, economics of power-generating sector, and environmental economics.

Novgorod State University was represented by Prof. Natalia Omarova, the Head of the Department of Finance, Money Turnover and Lending, and Boris Tiranov, the Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics Department. Prof. Omarova made a report “On the Way to Smart-Society: Technology of the Future Knowledge”. Dr. Tiranov spoke on designing of crop rotations using an automated database. The reports NovSU Scholars received a high appraisal.