02.04.2012  TUNING RUSSIA: Elaboration of educational programs comparable and compatible with European continues

Meeting in Padua

Two of three EU Meetings planned and organized in accordance with work plan and decisions of project Consortium at Second General Meeting in Bilbao (16-20 October 2011) and SAG Meeting in Moscow (2-3 February 2012) took place in March, 2012 at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and University of Padua ( Italy).


Manager of Education SAG Svetlana Gorycheva

Managers and academic staff of Russian HEIs got acquainted with ECTS implementation, Teaching, Learning and Assessment approaches in Tuning, and the results of the projects carried out within Tuning Europe and other related projects. They learned from those who have substantial experience of implementing the Bologna Process at various levels and were able to personally observe how Tuning methodology was implemented at EU partner HEIs. Together with EU experts they revised and discussed structure and content of Reference Points, Program Profiles and Program/Module Designs.

Meeting in Groningen

At EU partner institutions, representatives of Russian HEIs received all the knowledge and advice necessary to convert them in highly capable trainers who will implement ECTS based programs at home universities, and disseminate the knowledge of Tuning methodology throughout Russian academic community. After returning home, they started organization of Tuning Centers, and designing and formulating degree programs in related subject areas.

The third EU meeting will take place in April, 2012, at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland).