10.04.2020  The Laboratory of Digital Economy worked during Science Days at the School of Economics, Management and Law

On 9 April, the Laboratory of Digital Economy finished its annual work at the Department of Management Technologies at the NovSU School of Economic, Management and Law.



Traditionally it works during Science Days carried out at the university; the 3rd year students majoring in Management participate in it. This year, the Laboratory worked online.

The students, guided by Rimma Timofeeva, the professor of the Department, Doctor of Economics, an expert of the Russian Academy of Science, studied the Digital Economy Development Program in Russia till 2035 and acquainted themselves with the materials of XX April International Scientific Conference on the Problems of Digital Economy and Society Development “What Is Digital Economy? Trends, Competences, Dimension”, held by National Research University (NRU) Higher School of Economics with the participation of World Bank in order to prepare scientific reports and presentations. 

This year, particular attention was given to the risks of digital economy. As Rimma Timofeeva mentioned, the students don’t fall into euphoria of advantages of digitalization, using analytical techniques to observe potential problems of digital economy and digital society, and suggest not falling into virtual reality, but returning to real product. For example, the student Anna Egorova says: “Russia pursues for the thing, from which Western countries are leaving. The government needs to understand that in order to strengthen the economy they have to manage manufacturing of real product.

On the basis of performance of the Laboratory of the Digital Economy, the best research works were awarded. Anna Egorova with her report “Digital Economy: Trend or Choice?” took the first place. Oksana Budzinskaya with the report “The Risks of Digital Economy” took the second place.