29.08.2019  Novgorod State University introduces a new study format

On August 20, acting Rector of Novgorod University Yuri Borovikov met with journalists. The press conference was devoted to the plans for the upcoming academic year and the results of the enrolment campaign.

The average competition at the university was 1.75 people per place. Dentists and lawyers were among the leaders (almost 7 people per place and 5,7 people per place, respectively). In total, about 1250 people entered the university. According to Yuri Borovikov, the issue of building a new dormitory was raised at a recent meeting between Governor Andrei Nikitin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Now the university is preparing all the necessary documents. It is planned that a new dormitory for 500 persons will be built on Sovetskaya Armia Street.

However, the main topic of the press conference was a new model of education, which has been introduced in NovSU since September 2. The new study format does not include end-of-semester exams and the «ninth week». Student’s achievements will be demonstrated by study equator. To put it simply, students will be studying in groups for one week, developing their own project under the guidance of teachers and tutors; then they will be studying for three weeks according to the classical scheme. The “problem-oriented study format” implies that all students will be studying in teams of approximately seven people in the so-called product logic. The result of their activities at each stage will be a certain product, which makes about two hundred projects in total. “We talk a lot about how a university should show its usefulness for our town and region. So, these project aren’t made up tasks, they are real projects that will affect the development of the city and the region”, –acting Rector Yuri Borovikov emphasized.

Representatives of the Novgorod media asked if the university teachers are ready for a new study format. Yuri Borovikov stressed that, obviously, the first steps will be difficult, however, the acting rector of NovSU is sure that all problems will be overcome by joint efforts.

It should be noted that now, ten Russian universities are using the new study format.