30.04.2020  NovSU Emeritus Professor Sidney Picker passed away

Professor Sidney Picker, the Emeritus Professor of the Novgorod State University, Emeritus Professor of the Case Western Reserve University, Emeritus Professor of the Saint Petersburg State University, has passed away.

Sidney Picker was well-known in many countries around the globe as an expert in international law. For many years he was a consultant for the International Monetary Fund concerning issues of cooperation with Russian Federation. He was one of the officials during the US engagement at the World Trade Organization, and participated in legal US missions concerning trade negotiation in China and Israel.

Professor Picker and his spouse Professor Jane Picker were of great assistance during the years of establishing and developing the Law Faculty at the Novgorod State University.  In 1997, they helped the NovSU to get funding for creation and equipment of the very first computer class, and Library of Legal Literature. It was at their initiative that the American Association of International Law donated the NovSU Law Faculty with a compilation of materials on international law collected over the last 30 years. The opening of the first Legal Clinic at the NovSU and holding of the first Russian-American conference on promotion of clinical expertise in Russia are connected with the name Sidney Picker as well.

In 1997 Professors Sidney and Jane Picker established the Summer Russian-American Law School accredited by the American Association of Jurists. The Law Faculty at the Novgorod State University was one of the main partners of this program. During the years of its operation more than a hundred law students from Novgorod along with American students participated in this international educational program. 

Since 1994 and until recent, Professor Picker headed the Russian-US Legal Education Foundation founded by him and his spouse. During the years of its operation, the foundation cooperated actively with the Novgorod State University. 17 NovSU students got an opportunity to study in the US under full financial support from the foundation, ten of them got Master’s degree in Law. 

Throughout the years of cooperation, Professor Picker has become a true friend for teaching staff of the NovSU Law Faculty, he was a great teacher and a mentor for many of its graduates.