05.12.2008  Original result of 40-years fruitful co-operation between the Technical University of Lodz (Poland) and the Novgorod State University became the publication of the book «Lodz - Novgorod: 40 Years of Common History» in the Polish and Russian languages.

The author of the book is doctor-engineer Alexander Pýc (Technical University of Lodz). Into Russian the book was translated by Konstantin Buzulutsky, assistant professor of department of radio systems of Novgorod state University.

This book is devoted to all those who during the last 40 years created the joint history  Technical University of Lodz and the Novgorod state University, participating in various forms of co-operation. 

The book represents the colorful edition with chapters about the history of Lodz and Veliky Novgorod, stages of becoming and co-operation of TUL and NovSU, memoirs of those who created this history, and the photos kindly given by the author of the book and authors of memoirs from personal archives.