14.10.2008  Congratulations to the winners of the first competitive selection of participants of the international educational program «Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window»!

On 10 October, 2008 the session of the selection committee of the program took place at  St.-Petersburg State University. It is known that in July, 2008 NovSU became a member of a consortium of 19 European universities participating in the program «Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window» of the European Commission.  

Despite of a tough competition (180 applicants) between students and lecturers of other Russian universities-members of the consortium (mostly capital universities) all the applicants from NovSU received a financial support of European Commission for their training or research at partner-universities for the period from three to ten months.  

Among the NovSU winners are:

  • Professor Konstantin Zavershinsky, Head of Department of Theory and History of Culture  (goes to Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Poland);
  • Maria Kulinicheva,  student, Faculty of Psychology and  Pedagogy faculty (goes to University of Göttingen, Germany); 
  • Andrey Gormin, student, Faculty of Law (goes to University of Göttingen, Germany);
  • Tatyana Semenova, student, Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communications (goes to   Humboldt University Berlin, Germany);
  • Roman Morozov, student, Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communications (goes to University of Bologna, Italy);
  • Darya Volkova, student, Faculty of Philology (goes to University of Bologna, Italy);
  • Olga Nartsyzova, student, Faculty of Management (goes to University of Bologna, Italy);
  • Alena Kosenko, intern student, Faculty of Pharmacy (Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Poland).

It is important to note, that all the above said winners have successfully passed a preliminary selection at NovSU, including language test, progress analysis. Thus, the results of internal examination received acknowledgement of external experts.

In his turn, Onder Bettemer, a postgraduate student of Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) will come to NovSU within the framework of the program. During 10 months he will carry out his research at the Faculty of Architecture, Fine Arts and Construction of NovSU. This research will be financed by the European Commission.   

The next call for applications will be announced in spring 2009.