26.03.2013  Meeting week at the university chapel of the Presentation of Our Lord

During the past week, the church exhibition dedicated to Cyril and Methodius and their role of in the Russian literature was organized at the University Chapel of the Presentation of Our Lord. Students of all NovSU institutes visited the church, learned from the clergyman Eugene about its history, and about the 1150-th anniversary of the Slavic script and its founders Cyril and Methodius. Students had a unique opportunity to examine and read books on the activity of Slavic founders, chronicle writing, Russian literacy, history and architecture of Novgorod.  In spite of the cold and windy weather, many of them wanted not only to visit the exhibition but see and learn more about the Anthony's Monastery itself. The students were talking about the necessity of humanitarian education and assailed the organizers with questions.

Special acknowledgment should be expressed to the university faculty members and bus drivers – thank to their enthusiasm such a busy meeting schedule was implemented.

The organizers hope that such meetings at the university chapel will become traditional and strengthen commitment to the University, the Russian culture and traditions of Orthodoxy.