08.04.2010  The US businessmen met with the students of the Institute of Economics and Administration

Institute of Economics and Administration of the Novgorod State University hosted a roundtable “Issues of The World Economics” with a group of US businessmen. 

First year bookkeeping and accounting students exercised the opportunity of speaking English with agricultural businessmen. Michigan blueberry farmer, Ron Bodtke, was pleased that our students were very respectful of their future professions, were able to understand English and overcome the fear of speaking foreign language. And here we should note the role of the NovSU instructor of English, Alla Lyutikova, who is teaching the students  Business English. Excellent job! 

The other businessmen-participants of the roundtable:

  • Roger Beaver, a North Dakota farmer and business owner;
  • Carole Halcoms, a retired primary school teacher from Illinois;
  • Janet Schlagel, a registered dietitian at a Bloomington, Illinois Hospital;
  • Dennis Schlagel, Executive Director Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International Organization of Farmers who have been visiting the Novgorod Region annually since 1992. 

Roger Beaver asked the students to share their ideas of organizing their own business. Students eagerly described their plans  to create in the future such business ventures as sports fitness clubs, cafes,  specialty clothing stores, and farms producing organic food.