22.03.2010  A Million Euros Project

Novgorod State University became a co-coordinator of a 1,3 million Euros TEMPUS project “Multilevel System of Training and Re-Training in the Field of Educational Management”. Only 10 % of applications were approved this year in Brussels. The project starts in 2010 and will last for three years.

The purpose of the project is to support cooperation in the field of higher education between EU universities and universities form the former Soviet Union countries and improvement of understanding between cultures.

Coordinators of the project are:
•    Prof. Dr.  Olga Graumann, Director of the Institute of Education, University of Hildesheim (Germany), and
•    Prof. Dr. Mikhail Pevzner, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Novgorod State University (Russia).

Objectives of the project:
•    Creation of a network of  eleven West- and East-European universities;
•    Design of new educational programmes for a network multi-level training  and re-training in the field of educational management, including post-graduate level.  
•    Establishment of Competence Centers at each East-European university-member of consortium for  a sustainable quality assurance of training and re-training  in the field of educational management.

Participants of the project – eleven universities from six countries:
•    University of Hildesheim – coordinator
•    University of Bielefeld (Germany)
•    Danube University (Krems, Austria)
•    Technical University of Lodz (Poland)
•    Novgorod State University (Veliky Novgorod, Russia) – co-coordinator
•    University of Post-Graduate Teachers Training (St. Petersburg, Russia)
•    Smolensk State University (Russia)
•    Dnepropetrovsk State University (Ukraine)
•    Khmelnitsk national University (Ukraine)
•    Brest State University (Belarus)
•    Vitebsk State University (Belarus)

(Source: “Das Magazine” journal, #16, 01. 2010)