18.03.2010  Visit to the University of Colorado Denver, Department of Radiation Oncology

On March 6-12, 2010, Professor Viktor Weber, Rector of NovSU, Professor Viachesalv Cherenkov, chief oncologist of Novgorod Region, and Yury Gaevsky, student of the Institute of Medicine, visited the comprehensive Cancer Centre at the invitation of the Professor David Raben, Director of Head and Neck Cancer Radiation Oncology Research.

The purpose of the visit was to meet the staff in the cancer centre, discuss ways of future cooperation, and attend seminars regarding its approaches to the diagnosis and management of a variety of cancers with state of the art radiation, surgical and medical oncology. In addition, the NovSU delegation observed the US colleagues perform prostate and cervical brachytherapy implants for the treatment of these malignancies.

The Department of Radiation Oncology treats an average of 900 new patients a year. It currently has six board certified radiation oncologists supported by a technical staff of four radiation physicists, five medical dosimetrists, and eleven radiation therapists. The Department is heavily involved in research, ranging from in-house protocols to collaborative group efforts.