20.09.2009  One more visit from our sister-city Bielefeld.

On September 20-23, Dr. Christiane Wauschkuhn, the Deputy Director of the Rudolf Rempel Business College (Bielefeld, Germany), pays visit to the Novgorod State University.

During her visit, Dr Wauschkuhn will familiarize herself with the structure of the NovSU, in particular with system of the secondary vocational education at the Novgorod University, summarize the results of cooperation between the Rudolf Rempel Business College ( ), Intercollege  and  Institute of Economics and Administration of the NovSU in the 2008-2009 academic year, and discuss the ways of the future cooperation and participation in the joint projects.

On September 22,   Dr Wauschkuhn meets with Prof., Dr. Mikhail Pevzner, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Dr. Ludmila Starkova, Head of Intercollege of NovSU, Ms Irina Melnikova, Head of Intercollege Advising Center for International Education, and Dr.  Irina Alexashenkova, the Head of the Department of International Affairs and signs an agreement on cooperation between Rudolf Rempel Business College and Novgorod State University.