14.09.2009  Main activities devoted to the 1150th anniversary of Veliky Novgorod (or Novgorod the Great) are now on the electronic map.

A new resource – a map of main activities - is now on the official web-site of the 1150th anniversary of Veliky Novgorod

Venue and schedule of all main activities are marked on the map.  Now our guests can easily plan their routes and participate in the most interesting activities.   

The map was created by a group of volunteers. And we are very proud that the core of this group is presented by experts from the Novgorod State University.

A collaborative project OpenStreetMaps is used as cartographic basis of the map, and an interface Google Maps API is used as viewing tool.  This allows access to the city map from any contemporary Internet browser.    

It should be stressed that this project is not the first one: in spring, 2009, all buildings of the NovSU were marked of the electronic map of Veliky Novgorod, and the project was named “Veliky Novgorod – a University City”.