22.05.2009  On May 20-21 the Institute of Continuous Pedagogical Education became a platform for several events organized within the frameworks of the NovSU International Cooperation Week and Tempus TACIS project, JEP_26070_2005 «Multilevel Training in Educational Management».

International Conference«Development of Master Programme in Pedagogy and Psychology: Experience and Prospects» (within the frameworks of the Tempus TACIS project JEP_26070_2005)

The goal of the Conference was to discuss the run of the project «Multilevel Training in Educational Management» which purpose is creation of effective and modern system of the managerial personnel training for various organizations including educational.  Working languages of the conference were Russian and German.  Representatives of the universities of Germany, Poland, Latvia and Russia have participated in work of conference.   

During the conference following questions were discussed:

•   Intermediate results and  the critical analysis of the project (Prof. Olga Graumann, the project head,  Doctor  of Honor of NovSU, Head of  Faculty of Pedagogics, University Hildesheim, Germany);

•   The Didactic purposes master programmes (Prof. Ludwig Huber, Doctor  of Honor of NovSU, the expert  of Tempus TACIS Project, JEP_26070_2005, University Bielefeld, Germany);

•  Method « Teaching through Research» and its value for master programmes (Prof. Johannes Wildt, Doctor of Honor of NovSU, director of the Center for Higher School Didactics, University Dortmund, Germany). It had been noted that  the given method was an innovative one and would allow development students’ skills of carrying out an independent scientific research;

•  Methodological fundamentals of vocational training of educational managers (Prof., Dr. Rosa Sherayzina, Head of  department  of vocational pedagogical education and social management);

•  Peculiarities of the organization of the individually-focused educational process in master programmes (Prof. Svetlana Gorycheva, Head of  department  of Pedagogics and Prof. Marina Kalashnikova, Head of department  of Psychology);

•  Peculiarities  of  master  programme «Career Consulting» at the University of Liepaja (Dr. Ilze Mikelsone, Dean of Educational Science,   University of  Liepaja, Latvia).                                                                                                       

Round table discussion «The Master Degrees  through Students’ Eyes» 

During the «Round Table» the master students in «Pedagogical Psychology» and « Educational Management» have discussed their training and gave it a critical analysis.  Students have noted big opportunities for individual work the master programme possesses, a high level of lecturers’ competencies, a welcoming psychological environment,    partnership with lecturers, and the opportunity to show their creativity.  Conversation was open-minded during the   “Round Table”; the students gave their critical remarks and way for the continual improvement.                                                      


Participants of the International Conference «Development of Master Programme in Pedagogy and Psychology: Experience and Prospects» were invited to take part in the “Round Table”.The discussed theme has caused their sincere interest. Thus, for example, our Latvian guests have shared their experience of realization of the similar programs and have warned against possible mistakes and problems they had faced. German colleagues gave a number of recommendations on improvement of the teaching process, and gave a highly positive appraisal to the   level of master students’ training.



The International Expertise of the Tempus TACIS Project Results«Multilevel Training in Educational

Prof. Ludwig Huber, Doctor of Honor of NovSU, the expert of Tempus TACIS Project, JEP_26070_2005, University Bielefeld, Germany had separate conversations:

•  with the group of the master students  in «Educational Management»,

•  with leaders of the master programme and the project, and

•  with the working groups, participating in  development and implementation  of  the separate modules of the master programme.

During the conversations with the above said groups the results of the project have been analysed, and prospects for the next year have been set.   It is necessary to note, that the results of the expertise are positive, and the programme has been recognized as corresponding to the international level. The German expert has given his recommendation on the further improvement of the master programme, in particular to improvement of practical work and  to development of distant-learning.

Creative Final Exam for the Participantsof the International Educational Programme in Pedagogics "The Double Diploma"

The Creative Final Exam for participants of the international educational programme in Pedagogics "The Double Diploma" became one of the brightest events of the NovSU International Cooperation Week. The exam was carried out in a very unusual form - a performance of Russian and German fairy tales. 5 NovSU bachelor students in   "Pedagogics" and 5 students of the faculty of Pedagogics of the University of Bielefeld (Germany), now trained at the NovSU faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics have successfully passed their exam.

During such a crucial moment the children attending the Center «Rodnichek (The Spring) » has supported their favorite instructors and actively participated in the performance.

The Creative Final Exam was organized in the Center for Psychological Support of  Disabled People " Rodnichek" (Cosmonauts St, 18/1, 173000 Veliky Novgorod, tel/fax: +7(8162) 624453, web-site: The center was created in June, 1996 with the purpose of rendering the charitable help and psychological support to disabled people and the families with disabled children from any region Russian Federation, their rehabilitation and adaptation in the social environment.