20.05.2009  The Baltic Sea Region University Network Seminar “Topical Issues in the Internationalisation of Higher Education”

On May 18-19 the Baltic Sea Region University Network Seminar “Topical Issues in the Internationalisation of Higher Education”   was held at Novgorod State University within the frameworks of the NovSU International Cooperation Week. The working language of the conference was English.  






During plenary and section sessions of the conference the problems of internationalization of higher education were discussed. 9 foreign participants from Germany, Latvia, Poland, Finland and Estonia presented their reports: 

  Mr. Kari Hypponen, Chairman of BSRUN Steering Committee, Director of Administration, University of Turku, Finland “BSRUN and its role in linking universities in the region”.

  Prof. Olga Graumann, Head of Institute of Educational Science, Hildesheim University, Germany “Strategic partnership of European Universities through TEMPUS project.

  Dr. Ilze Mikelsone, Dean of Educational Science, Liepaja University, Latvia “Development of higher education in Latvia within the context of Bologna Declaration”.

•  Prof. Marian Dygo, Vice-rector for Student Affairs, Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Poland “Internationalisation and identity of higher education institutions: Case study of Pultusk Academy of Humanities”.

  Ms. Svetlana Vogel, Senior Specialist in International Marketing, University of Tartu, Estonia “University of Tartu: from national to internationally renowned university, with responsibility before its nation”.

  Prof. Kari Juhani Peltonen, Vice Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Turku, Finland “The technology as the value construction and its implications to the Sloyd Education/ Technology Education”.

•   Dr. Inta Klasone, Head of Art and Design Department, Liepaja University, Latvia “Challenges in the implementation of art education in Liepaja University (Latvia): realization and development”.

•  Prof. Alida Samuseviča, Liepaja University, Latvia Competence development and technology enhanced learning in higher education”.  

It is especially pleasant to us to note active participation in the seminar representatives of our university. 16 NovSU Lecturers have presented their reports in English:

    Prof. Anatoly Gavrikov, President of NovSU “Higher education policy under the process of integration in Eastern and Western Europe”.

•    Prof. Mikhail Pevzner, Vice-rector for International Relations, Dr. Elvira Kaminskaya, Head of International Academic Programmes, “Internationalisation and organizational development in higher education: in search of a new identity”.

•  Dr. Alla Zavodina, Dean of Economics, “Problems and perspectives of the integration of Russian regional universities in the Bologna Process”.

•  Dr. Elena Zhukova, Dean of Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication “Identity through the language”.

•  Prof. Stanislav Popov, Chair of Descriptive geometry and computer Graphics «Introducing internationalisation into the teaching process: practical approach».

•  Prof. Vladimir Migunov, Department of Technology Education “Cooperation in Technology Education: Case study of NovSU and Western European universities’.

•  Dr. Petr Petryakov, Chair of Technology Education “Using project methodology for BA programmes in Technology Education”.

•  Dr. Vassily Melnikov, Associate Professor, Department of Technology Education, “Integrative approach to the construction of BA programmes in Technology Education”.

•   Dr. Olga Bychkova, Dr. Nikolay Strabakhin, Department of Technology Education, “Using innovation technologies for the development of entrepreneurial competencies under BA programmes in Technology Education”.

•  Dr. Natalia Ilyashenko, Head of Information and Analysis “The role of higher education institutions in the process of internationalisation”.

•  Dr. Valentina Grokhotova, Law Faculty “Preparing new type of lawyers for the globalizing world”.

•  Prof. Konstantin Zavershinskiy, Chair of Theory and History of Culture “The Erasmus Mundus mobility programme as institution for creating new civil identities”.

•  Mr. Oleg Yarovikov, doctoral student The perspectives of academic cooperation between Poland and Russia as the way towards formation of international identity”.

•   Dr. Natalia Kuznetsova, Department of Sociology and Bilingual Education “Shared Values and Channeled Care: Veliky Novgorod-Ljusdal  Partnership”.  

Also we were happy to receive our colleagues from other Russian higher education institutions- members of the Baltic Sea Region University Network:

• Prof. Marina Makhotaeva,  Head of International Office, Pskov State Polytechnic Institute “Development of educational programmes under the project “Eurofaculty”, and

•   Dr. Elena Vdovina, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, St.Petersburg“The choice of a language of teaching in the process of internationalisation of higher education”