11.03.2009   Head of Informational and Analytical Office, Natalia Ilyashenko, participated in the James E. Smith Midwest Conference on World Affairs (University of Nebraska at Kearney, the US) on March 9-10, 2009.

Natalia Ilyashenko presented her report “The Role of Higher Education in Conflict Avoidance: Novgorod University Case”.

Since 1964, Kearney State College, now the University of Nebraska-Kearney, has sponsored an international conference to discuss issues of global importance. This year UNK hosted the “The World in Turmoil: Understanding Conflict” James E. Smith Midwest Conference on World Affairs. The main idea of this conference is:

Many issues that shape the quality of our lives have an international dimension. Global economic interdependence, the development of appropriate environmental strategies, the resolution of regional conflicts and the enhancement of human rights all require a global perspective. An important component of the education experience is discussion and interaction with people from many cultures.”

The goal of the conference is: through speeches and discussion by international experts, diplomats, and scholars to introduce UNK faculty, students, and the broader Kearney community to just a few of the crises currently active and how they impact the United States and Nebraska. As every year, the organizes of the conference hope that at least some members of the audience will be sufficiently inspired by what they hear at the conference to maintain a lifelong interest in international affairs and pursue further information about the outside world.