06.02.2009  Associate Professor of Department of Sociology and Bilingual Education Natalia Shaydorova returned from her internship at St. John's College (Oxford, the UK).

The research was carried out in frameworks of the Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme during Jan. 5 - 31, 2009.

This program gave Natalia Shaydorova an opportunity to researched at Bodli Library and acquaint with archival materials and the newest publications in the field of history of English literature for children, as well as with the books of modern British writers, whose works were not well enough studied in the Russian literary criticism.


During her internship Natalia Shaydorova designed a new course of lectures, collected the illustrative material for the seminars on the Victorian period . The Most part of the collected materials would find reflexion in a number of scientific publications and reports at regional, national and international conferences..

The internship in St. John’s College also gave Dr Shaydorova an opportunity to get acquainted with the organisation of educational process at one of the oldest colleges of the Oxford University.