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16.09.2010 NovSU scholars took part in the 8th International Conference “Education and Civil Society”
30.08.2010 International Children and Youth Festival "The Wreath to Chopin" in Veliky Novgorod, Russia, dedicated to the 200-th anniversary of the great Polish composer (October 14-17, 2010)
17.05.2010 Today the Week of International Cooperation starts its work at Novgorod State University
12.04.2010 Russia holds a day of mourning today
08.04.2010 The US businessmen met with the students of the Institute of Economics and Administration
22.03.2010 A Million Euros Project
18.03.2010 Visit to the University of Colorado Denver, Department of Radiation Oncology
02.02.2010 Delegation of University of the Massachusetts at Amherst pays visit to the Novgorod State University.
24.12.2009 Season's Greetings
21.12.2009 NovSU Professors visit University of Massachusetts, Amherst
22.10.2009 Visit to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst
20.09.2009 One more visit from our sister-city Bielefeld.
18.09.2009 Delegation of the University of Bielefeld (Germany) arrived to Veliky Novgorod.
17.09.2009 On September 17-26, NovSU receives representatives of the University of Paderborn (Germany).
14.09.2009 Main activities devoted to the 1150th anniversary of Veliky Novgorod (or Novgorod the Great) are now on the electronic map.
10.09.2009 During September 7-18 Herbert J. Friedman, Principle of Friedman Law Offices (Lincoln, Nebraska, the US) gives a series of lectures on International Law at the Law Faculty, NovSU.
02.09.2009 Today two representatives of Gotland University (Sweden) arrived to the NovSU.
31.08.2009 Today David Ross Buchanan, DrPH, a Full Professor of Community Health Education, School of Public Health and Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Director of the Institute for Global Health arrived to the NovSU
30.08.2009 Today Dr Wolfgang Jütte, Professor of Faculty of Education Science of the University of Bielefeld (Germany) came to the NovSU.
25.05.2009 NovSU International Students Festival “Kaleidoscope” and official closure of the International Cooperation Week