Novgorod State University

The academic staff of the NovSU consists of 896 persons. Among them there are 115 Doctors of Science and 466 Candidates of Science.

64 specialties, 19 branches of Bachelor's training, and 11 branches of Master's training are given at 20 faculties and 92 departments of the University.

About 8 thousand students study at the Novgorod State University, among them there are 500 international students from 40 countries around the world. 

International relations of the Novgorod State University cover a wide spectrum of activity. The NovSU cooperates with 49 international universities, foundations and foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations, from 21 countries. 

Duration of studies:
5 years - Engineering specialties;
6 years - General Medicine, Design;
5 years - Dentistry, Pharmacy;
4 years - Nursing;
4 years - Bachelor's degree;
2 years - Master's degree;
3 years - Postgraduate Studies.