07.12.2018  Yaroslav-the-Wise’s Day: 80th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg Institute of History Section in Novgorod

On December 6, the event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Saint Petersburg Institute of History Section was held at School of Humanities in Antonovo. Both Novgorod and Saint Petersburg scientists took part in it. The Novgorod Section was created in December 1938 on the initiative of Boris Grekov and it indicated acceptance of Novgorod significance in studying Russian history.

 At the beginning of the event, the guests visited the exhibition of Saint Petersburg Institute scientists’ publications. Among 200 works, there are both Novgorod and Russia history research.

The publications of 19th century are also presented at the exhibition. Research in Novgorod history had started long before 1938. The collaborative works of Novgorod and Saint Petersburg scientists can be seen there as well. For example, about The Time of Troubles, and about the small towns of the Novgorod land at that time, and about the occupation, resistance and retribution, as well as other historical stages in the life of Novgorod and its residents.


Rector of Novgorod State University Yury Borovikov and Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksey Sirenov discussed the main topic of the event – the history of cooperation and its prospects.

Yury Borovikov focused on new issues and present projects – the scribble books, which first appeared in Novgorod in 15th century. Aleksey Sirenov marked the significance of the past. He talked about the history of Novgorod Section and the importance of cooperation.

During the meeting, a new 17th volume of “Novgorod Historical Articles” was presented, the first was published in 1936. Moreover, the Centre of History Research in Antonovo got personal computer certificate. 


As for the results of the meeting, Novgorod State University and Saint Petersburg Institute of History signed an agreement on further cooperation, organization of joint research conferences, publications of history and culture works, lectures for Novgorod State University students, publication of annual “Novgorod Historical Articles” and so on.