26.05.2017  Young thujas near the NovSU School of Medical Education

On 25 May, current graduates of NovSU School of Medical Education planted 10 thujas along the pathway leading into Alley of Remembrance of Afghan War soldiers located on the territory of the School.

This tradition of graduates planting trees near their Alma Mater was invented inside the School’s walls 7 years ago. In 2010, the first trees were planted. Now they have grown and become delight to the eyes of the students and professors of the School, as well as passers-by. 

The School’s representatives said: “Trees are planted all over the world – both in places where the plants are of great value, and where there are more of them than you can count. For example, in Sochi there is a park, in which there are many trees planted by various famous people, who have been to the city. There are parks of presidents, heroes, composers, poets, cosmonauts. Years later, each of our graduates will be able to tell their son or daughter: ‘Look, I planted that huge tree when it was a small twig in the year I graduated. That is my tree!’”