09.12.2019  All-Russian Legal (juridical) Dictation

On December 6, the All-Russian Legal (Juridical) Dictation aimed at identifying the level of legal literacy of people took place at NovSU. Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University is traditionally the main regional partner of this event. More than 280 people wrote the dictation at the university’s venues (there were about 600 participants in the Novgorod region).

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law of NovSU, the head of the Novgorod regional branch of the Association of Russian Lawyers Sergey Fabrichny welcomed the participants and opened the dictation in the main building of the university. He noted that dictations of this kind - geological, historical, and legal, etc. - are a good way to test ones knowledge. In addition, S. Fabrichniy drew attention to the fact that the event has important practical value: “The results of the dictation show which issues are more understandable for the citizens of our country, which of them cause difficulties or increased interest. Public authorities get a specific feedback based on the results of the dictation.” The Minister of State Administration of the Novgorod Region, Ilya Bortsevich, added that everyone needs basic knowledge in jurisprudence.


The dictation included 40 questions that related to housing relations, the work of notaries, the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, labor law, etc. The Participants of the legal dictation will get certificates.