10.02.2018  A NovSU representative took part in the work of the Youth Parliament of the State Duma

On 4-7 February, a regular meeting of the Youth Parliament was held in Moscow in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation.

The chairman of the Youth Parliament of the Novgorod Regional Duma, the assistant to the NovSU Vice-Rector for Social Development and Educational Work Lyudmila Babarkina took part in the work of its commissions and scheduled meetings. 

On February 4, the first working day, a meeting took place in the Youth Parliamentary Center, where the following projects were discussed: "Youth Team of the Country", "Every Day I am Proud of Russia", "Thinking Youth", "33 Questions to a Politician", "Youth Debate" in cooperation with the parliamentary newspaper and many others. 

Deputies of the State Duma, representatives of federal authorities, political and public figures took part in the panel discussion "Youth Parliamentary Movement: Time to Change." 

On February 5, round-table discussions for young parliamentarians were held on the following topics:
- "New approaches to monitoring the implementation of legislation"
- "Supporting young professionals: working in one’s home country".

In addition, on the same day, the meeting of the Council of Youth Parliaments "Eurasian Dialogue" was held. 

At the very meeting of the Youth Parliament of the State Duma, the deputy chairman of the Duma, Pyotr Olegovich, and the leaders of all parliamentary parties delivered welcoming remarks. At the meeting, a proposal for the bill "On Patriotic Education" (introduction of the "media literacy" concept, media literacy education, etc.), and amendments to Article 28 of the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation" (p. 15.2 "organization of students socio-psychological testing for the purpose of early detection of extremist or unlawful behavior signs") were supported. 

All proposals were aimed at the State Duma of the Russian Federation for consideration.