08.02.2018  Congratulation of NovSU Acting Rector on the Day of Russian Science

День Российской науки картинка

Dear lecturers and researchers,

Dear students and postgraduates of the Novgorod State University,  

Please accept my congratulations on the Day of Russian Science.

Science has always been and will be the sphere where talented, purposeful and industrious people find themselves. Real scientists keep their eyes on the goal, overcome failures and difficulties on their way to new discoveries. Precisely this these people are working and studying at Novgorod University. 

Today, our goal is to support our scientists and research teams that are capable of shaping long-term plans for research of tomorrow. Creation of an effective innovative environment, support of promising studies, innovative research centers and talented youth are among of our top priorities. 

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you new discovery and achievements, growth and development, so that all your plans become reality, and your talent and work were appreciated. 

Yuriy Sergeevich Borovikov,
Acting Rector of NovSU