18.11.2017  Healthy Lifestyle as an Alternative to Negative Habits

On November 17, the conference "Healthy Lifestyle as an Alternative to Negative Habits" took place at the NovSU School of Medical Education.

At the beginning of September, a report contest among the second year students was announced. Within two months, the students were preparing their materials. A hundred students took part in the competition, 20 reports were selected for the conference: "Hookah is Dangerous for Health", "Electronic Cigarette: How it Works and Why it is Dangerous", etc.


The first-year students of the School of Medical Education were invited to the conference to peer review the presented topics. Future doctors will express their attitude to the topical issues and suggest methods for its solution. 

"Such type of conference allows us to see the response of students to get a feedback”, said Tatiana Borisova, the Rector’s assistant for  Preventive Social Work.


In addition, the scientific library of the School of  Medical Education organized an exhibition of literature on the topic of "Quitting Smoking".


Also there are stands with posters and reminders for patients on healthy lifestyles in the lobby of the School.