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11.11.2017 A book "The Novgorod Cross", written by a Professor of Novgorod State University, was presented in the library "Veda" for the blind and visually impaired
10.11.2017 The NovSU Law Faculty received guests from Pskov
10.11.2017 The NovSU School of Electronic and Information Systems team took part in the World Team Programming Championship
09.11.2017 A new acting rector Yuri Borovikov was introduced to the NovSU Academic Council
28.10.2017 NovSU International students became winners of the Olympiad in the Russian language
26.10.2017 Professor of NovSU was awarded the “Gold Medal” of the Moscow Book Fair
24.10.2017 Rector Of NovSU Viktor Weber Got a Title and Badge of Honor “Knight Of Science And Arts”
23.10.2017 The NovSU researchers spoke at International Conference in Prague
12.10.2017 Novgorod delegation goes to the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi
11.10.2017 The first-year students will pass the Freshmen Initiation Ceremony.
05.10.2017 Youth Legal Center Begins Its Work in Veliky Novgorod
05.10.2017 Novgorod State presented its experience in patriotic education in Kazan
04.10.2017 The results of the regional competition “Russia Looking to the Future” are announced
07.06.2017 A new cooperation agreement signed between the NovSU and Federal Bailiff Service Department
06.06.2017 NovSU became a member of the Russia’s Backbone Universities group
06.06.2017 NovSU became a member of the Russia’s Regional Flagship Universities group
26.05.2017 Young thujas near the NovSU School of Medical Education
25.05.2017 NovSU Students Are Second in All-Russian Olympiad on HR Management
19.05.2017 "Dialectal Dictionary as Linguistic Resource" Conference
13.05.2017 Students of the NovSU School of Electronic and Information Systems met with prospective employers