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26.12.2019 Federal Cadastral Chamber and Novgorod State University signed a cooperation agreement
09.12.2019 All-Russian Legal (juridical) Dictation
30.11.2019 Guests from educational institutions of St. Petersburg visited Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod State University
17.10.2019 Official visit of the NovSU delegation to Lodz University of Technology (TUL)
14.10.2019 All-Russian festival of ideas and technologies “Rukami”
10.10.2019 A conference dedicated to the innovative economy development in Russia
05.10.2019 Eight NovSU students will participate in the final of WorldSkills National Interuniversity Championship.
03.10.2019 A professor from an American partner university will work in NovSU
01.10.2019 A professor from the Moscow State University gave a master class on working with medieval German manuscripts
01.10.2019 NovSU professor made three reports at the Congress of American Surgeons
27.09.2019 NovSU students gain real-life experience in international virtual teamwork
26.09.2019 Korean language courses for all comers
25.09.2019 Famous literature scholars from Russia and abroad gathered at the VII Musatov Readings
16.09.2019 Over 160 specialists in the field of system programming came to Ivannikov International Conference at NovSU
29.08.2019 Novgorod State University introduces a new study format
14.05.2019 The XIX International Scientific Conference “Spirituality of Russian Art and Education (Nikitsky Readings)” in Veliky Novgorod
14.05.2019 NovSU Polytechnic College student entered the regional team for the VII National Championship in Kazan
09.05.2019 The literary meeting “One Victory for All” was held at the NovSU Starorussky College
07.05.2019 One NovSU and eight secondary school students are among the winners of the «Cadres of the Future for the Regions» initiative
06.05.2019 PROGRAM of the XIII Week of International Cooperation of the Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University