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Центр русского языка и культуры

Summer School 2018 announces enrollment of students studying Russian who would like to take a practical language course in Russia and learn more about Russian culture and history.

Summer School 2012

Summer School 2013

Summer School 2014

Summer School 2015

Summer School 2016

Summer School 2017

 Summer School of Russian is:

 • 4 classes 50 minutes each (Mon – Thu) with experienced teachers from the university

• under 10 students in each group (levels А1, А2, В1, В2)

• events in Russian held after dinner and on Fridays (discussions, watching of Russian movies, language contests, master classes etc.)

• trips around Veliky Novgorod (by foot, by bus, by water), to Mosсow, to Saint Petersburg, to Staraya Russa, to Pskov

• evening entertainment (concerts, theaters, discos)

• accommodation in a comfortable students’ hostel

certification of  attendance  

• individual classes in addition to the general study program (by request)

 Summer School time frame:

 • deadline for application – from December, 12  to March, 28. We inform you about the availability of vacancies on the program.

• issuing of invitations 

• arrival of the participants – June 24

• start of the program – June 25

• departure of the participants – July 15

Cost of 3-week Summer School:   515 euro / $ 660

The cost of the program includes:

 • invitation and registration

• classes and events in Russian held after dinner and on Fridays

• study materials

It is necessary to make additional payments for:

  • transfer from the airport in Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo-1 and -2) to Veliky Novgorod and back on the day of departure  (25-40 euro / $ 30-90)

 • accommodation in a students’ hostel (double and triple rooms) (50 euro / $ 62)

One can additionally pay for (by request):

  • bus pass (25 euro / $ 32)

• individual classes in addition to the general study program (1 class = 12 euro / $ 15)


• evening entertainment

• participation in an Old Russian festival of Novgorod warriors at the walls of Novgorod Kremlin (June) (10 euro / $ 12)


• visit to the Festival of medieval crafts culture (July) (free)


 • watching of the fantasy musical in an Old Russian style “Tales of the boy Onfim” – the atmosphere of the Old Novgorod in the Kremlin! Fantastic life-size puppets! (July) (5 euro / $ 6)


 • visit to the Russian village Kozynevo for the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity: contest among brides; solemn registration of newlyweds and traditional Novgorodian custom of purchasing the dowry; crafts fair and master classes on the traditional doll; tasting of the famous Novgorodian fish soup prepared to ancient recipes (July) (5 euro / $ 6)

• participation in the folklore festival “Kupala Night”. This is an old Russian festival of mid-summer, magic customs and mysteries, the favorite festival of all generations. At Kupala Night everybody hopes that their heart’s desires will come true. All of us will cook traditional porridge and treat ourselves to fish soup, make wreaths and give them to our dear ones, make fires and cleanse ourselves by fire, swim in the lake Ilmen according to the custom. You will receive the energy of the earth and the sun, water and fire, feel the generosity of the Russian soul (July) (30 euro / $ 35)


 • music show in Novgorod Kremlin “Novgorod Popular Assembly”. Here an open-air Old Russian city will be created. Only in summer it’s filled with noise and fun. (July) (20 euro / $ 23)


 Get ready for:

 * everyday and festive food of Slavic people

* advice on how to make souvenirs and amulets against the evil by yourself

* learning martial arts (swordplay, using the club, arrow shooting)

* an opportunity to play Old Russian instruments

* ancient Russian games

* fortune-telling by a wise magus in the Prince tower

* torches, drums and ritual dances will attract spectators to a night performance: an epic saga about legendary historical events will unfold accompanied by fire splashes and shining swords.

 How can one enroll in the program and pay for it?

1) You email us your application to: RussianLanguageCourse@yandex.ru

2) We inform you about the availability of vacancies on the program and send you our bank details.

3) In your bank you  transfer  € 25 / $ 30 into the account of the summer program (advance payment is subtracted from the total cost of the program) and email us a copy of the payment receipt and a copy of your passport to: RussianLanguageCourse@yandex.ru

4) We start processing an invitation (within 7 days) and email it to you.

5) You should obtain a student entry visa to Russia in the nearest Russian consulate.

6) You can fully pay for the program (excluding € 25 / $ 30 as advance payment) in Veliky Novgorod on the first day of studies. Pay in cash. The banks of the city deal with Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold, MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold.


Your application should contain the following information:

International Summer School of Russian (2018): 

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Sex (m/f)
  4. Date of Birth (month, date, year)
  5. Passport: No, issued  (date), by, available till
  6. Country of residence, city
  7. Name of the university where you study
  8. Your approximate level of proficiency in Russian (please, highlight): A1, A2, B1, B2.

  Our address

 Novgorod State University,

The Center of Russian Language and Culture,

 room 6313, ul.  Ustinova, 1

173003, Veliky Novgorod, Russia

E-mail:  RussianLanguageCourse@yandex.ru

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