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 А 2  -  Basic level

 The following elective courses are offered to those who wish to attain the basic level of Russian (А2)  (the number of courses is chosen by a student, the total number of classes depends on the duration of an internship):

 1. Speak Good Russian (conversation practice)

 The course topics:

 1.      “Greeting. Meeting someone”

2.      “Nationality. Family. Homeland”

3.      “In the cafe. In the student cafeteria”

4.      “In the dean’s office”

5.      “At the post office”

6.      “At someone’s place”

7.      “In the shop. At the market”

8.      “Free time”

9.      “At the railway station”

10.  “At the airport”

11.  “Health”

12.  “In the restaurant”

13.  “Around the city”

14.  “Transport”

15.  “At the time of end-of-term exams”

 You will be able to make a dialogue in simple everyday situations: to keep a conversation about yourself, your friend, family, studies, work, language learning, daily grind, free time, hometown, health, weather. On completing the course successfully, you will be able to shop by yourself, use the local public transport, make an order in the cafe or restaurant, buy train or plane tickets, talk to a doctor in the hospital, ask for directions in case you got lost in our city.

 2. Grammar and Writing Practice

 The grammar topics:

 1. The Russian cases.

2.  The verb aspects.

3. The verbs of motion (non-prefixed).

4. Ah, these numbers!..

 The writing practice topics: “I’ll tell you about myself”, “My family and friends”, “My hometown”, “What’s the weather like today?”, “How do you feel?”, “In your free time”.

 The classes will help you improve your knowledge of basic Russian grammar, practise using the grammar forms correctly in written speech and, thus, get ready for telling about yourself, your family, homeland and hobbies.

 3. Read in Russian!

 The reading course covers the following topics: “Meeting someone”, “Profession”, “Studies”, “Around the city”, “In the shop”, “Friends”, “Family”, “Weather”, “Health”, “My day”, “Free time”, “My hobbies”, “Holidays”, “At someone’s place”.

 You will be able to read and understand simple (short and long) texts with a clear structure which describe certain situations, events and people. The texts reflect the sociocultural field of communication and that of everyday life. They may be presented as a story, newspaper article, letter, advertisement, transport or lesson  timetable. These are specially compiled or adapted texts based on studied lexico-grammatical material. The texts are supplemented with preparatory exercises and tasks to engage a student in a simple conversation on the topic.

 4. Learn how to listen and understand!

 This is a listening course. The classes will help you perceive oral Russian speech in typical everyday situations when people speak at a normal or even fast speed (170-200 words per minute).

 The following topics are offered for listening: “Meeting someone”, “Family”, “Friends”, “Studies or work”, “Transport”, “Around the city”, “In the shop and at the market”, “My day”, “Talking about the weather”, “Health”, “At someone’s place”, “In the cafe and restaurant”, “My hobbies and interests”.


The courses of Russian are organized on demand made in advance.


Contact information:

Е-mail:  RussianLanguageCourse@yandex.ru

Fax: +7 8162 730875

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